More FREE Music: Afro-Punk's Fuck Rockstars


Slow on letting folks know about this.  My apologies, but this came out in mid-October, about the same time as the compilation.   If you don't have it, I encourage you to download it now.

This compilation has 16 tracks from artists who've been featured here on such as The Smyrk, Saul Williams, and Earl Greyhound, as well 13 others.  As I've said, there are a lot of artists out there in this space.  Anyway, here's the full track listing:

  1. CX KiDTRONiK – "Let's Go Crazy" Feat. TCHaKA DiALLO 01:41
  2. Ezra Bang & Hot Machine – "What U Can't Kill U Must Envy" 02:16
  3. The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores – "Batman" 02:49
  4. Activator – "Shackle" 02:45
  5. American Fangs – "Le Kick" 02:41
  6. Peekaboo Theory – "Immediate Hesitation" 03:11
  7. Saul Williams – "Convict Colony" 03:28
  8. IrRAdio – "Call The Nation" 06:47
  9. The Thirst – "Ready To Move" 03:52
  10. The Cool and Deadly – "Rudeboys Revenge" 02:45
  11. McRad – "Weakness" 02:56
  12. The London Souls – "She's So Mad" 02:52
  13. Earl Greyhound – "Oye Vaya" 03:24
  14. The Smyrk – "The End Of Jason Todd" 02:50
  15. The Carps – "It's Raining In The Projects, But It's Sunny In Africa" 04:51
  16. IrRAdio – "Hero's Journey" 04:08

You can download the album here.

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