The Pleasures & Perils of Race in the Post-Race Era

Just came across this.  Stanford University English professor Michele Elam offers a compelling talk that begins that explores the question, “What is the future of blackness?”  Where does blackness stand in this post-racial, post-soul, multiracial era?  She’s particularly concerned with the role of black studies departments, but I think her remarks have relevance beyond the halls of academia.

She talks about “troubling, worrying, stirring, blackness.  Touching it and holding it up for examination.”  Anyway, you’ll hear the exact quote directly from Elam that speaks to what I’ve cited, as post-modern blackness. And all this “troubling” of blackness is done in service of black people.  Love that. 

My only regret is that this video only captures the first 10 minutes of this talk.  If anyone else has links to the rest of the presentation, please holla.

Additional link:

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