My open call for contributors to

That's right: I'm looking to add more regional coverage.  Someone's already raised their hand to cover the East Bay, but I'm definitely interested in bringing regular coverage of what's happening in the black rock/Afro-Punk/black alternative scenes in some other cities such as:

  • Atlanta
  • The DMV (that's DC, Maryland, Virginia, for those who don't know)
  • Chicago
  • London

If you're interested, or if you can recommend someone, please drop a comment here.


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  • Jen

    If you need more folks in NY let me know Rob.

  • Rob Fields

    Absolutely! I’d be honored to have your posts. Will email you separately to discuss!

  • Rana

    Hi Rob,

    Actually Jen, above, suggested I get in touch with you she’s a good friend of mine. I’m in NYC and am also interested in writing. Let me know if there is any opportunity…


  • M. Fort

    Yo’ Rob!

    I can vouch for Rana. She is good peeps and has a hell of an intellect. We met when she was living down here in Austin.

    Speaking of…I would love to submit regional contributions about the small scene down here in Central Texas.

    Cheers and happy holidays,

  • Rob Fields


    Thanks for co-signing Rana. Looking forward to having her join the family of contributors.

    As for you, I’d be honored to have your contributions as well. Let’s take up the details over email.

    And thanks again!