The Michael Jackson Sample Map


I'm not sure if this is the entire universe of Michael Jackson samples, but this map is pretty cool nonetheless.  A quick explanation:

  • Michael, of course, is at the center
  • The next ring out are all of his songs
  • Third ring are the songs that were created from samples in the second ring
  • Outermost ring are the artists who used the sample

A double hat-tip is in order: First, to Victoria Clark, who hipped me to it and to Ethan Hein, who created the map.  Turns out he's done sample maps for a bunch of other artists.  You can find other examples here.

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  • Ethan Hein

    Hi, I’m the guy who made the map, and I appreciate your posting it. You and your readers might also enjoy the map I made of people who sampled the Jackson Five:

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