Janelle Monae performing "Violet Stars Happy Hunting/Many Moons"


Seeing Janelle Monae is believing Janelle Monae.

I knew there were a few people taping Sunday’s show from the audience, so I was really happy when I got hipped to this video taken by dragonsmuse.  What you’ll see here is someone who’s not worried about maintaining her "cool".  No, she’s going all out.  And we loved her for it.

Thanks go out to Eric Perl for giving me a heads up about this video and a couple of others that dragonsmuse shot during the show. 

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  1. ep August 6, 2008 at 07:30 #

    man, i was glad to find somebody who got better video than the short, shaky efforts i made. all props to dragonsmuse.

    the next quest: someone who did a similarly great job at the Badu show in Brooklyn. i was at that one, too, and she was her usual funkified, soulful, brilliant self.


  2. Aileen aka Dragonsmuse November 27, 2008 at 12:41 #

    It was so hard to keep myself from jumping up and down. She’s so awesome. That was the second time I had seen her live. I saw her again at the Bowery during CMJ. A-Maz-Ing. No video of that sadly.

  3. Rob Fields December 7, 2008 at 23:45 #

    Thanks for sharing these videos, as well as your thoughts, Aileen!

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