Film Review: “SEMBENE!”

Stirring @SembeneFilm Doc on ‘Father of African Cinema’ Makes U.S. Theatrical Debut November 6

la belle vie 01-850

SEE IT: Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival – Oct. 24 -25 in Brooklyn

@Labelleviefilm @JesterHairston doc, @TheReunionShort & @DayeRogers #TheYouth highlight @ReelSisters 18th year slate

Naked Acts cov scan-cr1-nt_WIDE-thin

“Naked Acts” screens at The Luminal Theater – Wedns. 7/29 at 7pm

Prized @BridgettMDavis film plays @LuminalTheater microcinema inaugural week

BaL - BAMcinemaFest'15

SEE IT: BAMcinemaFest 2015

.@bam_brooklyn #BAMcinemaFest takes wild rides w/ #UnlockingTheTruth doc @BreakingaMonstr #JasonandShirley premiere; #KIDS20anniversary

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Reality Check #4: Money Won’t Appear Magically


@kiiniibura: “life is not a meritocracy” and what artists should do about it

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Sundays @. . .Branded Saloon: October 25 Edition


.@racquelgoodison @thenaomijackson, Quincy Scott Jones & Jacqueline Johnson headline our October reading!

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SEE IT: ‘Behind the Mask: Bamboozled in Focus’ a Reflection of Spike Lee’s Satirical Masterpiece, Oct 28—Nov 3 at BAMcinématek


@SpikeLee classic #Bamboozled screens with notable media satires #ColorAdjustment #DearWhitePeople + MORE, Oct 28—Nov 3 @BAMcinématek

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Reality Check #3: Productivity, as Much About Process as Product

How to Write a Novel

.@KiiniIbura on why artists can’t afford to think in terms of “ends”.

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Sundays @. . .Branded Saloon: The VONA/Voices Edition — 6/28


Our 3rd celebration of @voicesatvona. Because the organization and its writers are dope!

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Reality Check #2: Writers Must Do More Than Write


New from @kiiniibura: “…the deepest difficulty of self-promotion is navigating fear.”

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LISTENING POST: Kamasi Washington — “Clair de Lune”


One reason you should check out @kamasiw this summer.

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Avoir de L’espoir (To Have Hope)


.@tkingsanchez engages others during her latest stay in Paris, and in the process, finds hope.

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